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Involved with technology for most of her adult life, Linda spent several years with a prominent K-12 school, leading the development of a 21st century curriculum and moving the culture from bricks and mortar to the virtual world to expand both thought and classroom. Having won several awards and recognitions, such as Apple Distinguished Educator, Linda’s work has twice been added to the Smithsonian Institution’s Permanent Research Collection.

Sharing her love of technology, Linda published more than twenty articles and carried her skills, knowledge and passion to a Fortune 100 company (where she met John!), initially to develop and host technology camps, for five years, for middle school students throughout the United States. This memorable experience also became the topic of her dissertation, resulting in a Doctorate in Educational Technology from Pepperdine University. Linda’s specialty has expanded to include video production and the layout and design of published work within the scope of her day job. At night, she works with John and is ready to help organize and maintain your web presence, empowering you to reach for new horizons.

Other accomplishments:

  • Proud mother of people, cats and birds
  • One who dreams
  • Cool chick


Active in the industry for over a decade, John has developed applications that find stuff the military lost, get firemen to your door, keep thousands of Sales people knowledgeable, sell franchises, streamline customer activation and make sure customers understand what you’re worth beyond your price.

John was a user experience expert back when IT people were still building applications focused on the systems rather than the user. Today it pays off when your content is king and the user interface just makes it easy and engaging for the user to meet your goals. He is focused on utilizing new technologies and concepts such as advanced JavaScript frameworks and responsive design while pushing information architecture techniques to organize your web presence in a way that makes sense to your users and business goals.

Other accomplishments:

  • Self-proclaimed accomplished vegan chef
  • Cat whisperer
  • Professionally trained driver